Interior Painting Services, Fall and Winter Specials

Choosing the right painting contractor in Northern Virginia who will protect and beautify your home for years to come is a big decision. At CPC Painting Contractors, LLC in Vienna, Virginia, we always do our best in every project, so we can become your first choice when it comes to house painting.

Our Process

Count on our expert team to handle every job required in completing your painting project. These include the following:

  • Interior Repairs
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Interior and Exterior House Painting
  • Exterior Fence and Deck Restoration
  • Exterior Trim or Wood Rot Molding Replacement

Interior Preparation

In all interior painting projects, we will place a floor covering protection on carpet or hardwood floors before we perform any manual surface preparation. All furniture will be covered with new plastic sheeting as well. Apart from this, ceiling, walls, and trims, among others, will also be sanded to remove all imperfections.


Power Washing

All exterior painting projects involve power washing work to clean the outer substrates before we perform any manual surface preparation. This ensures that all dirt, grease, pollutants, and loose paint are off our surfaces before any prep work. We power-wash with eco-friendly cleaners, which are safe for plants and pets.

Talk to Our Painters Today

Let our team skillfully solve all your house painting needs. If you are interested to work with us, feel free to drop us a line, and we will gladly provide you with a no-cost quote. We serve clients in Northern Virginia.